Medical-Pharmaceutical High School “St. Petka”


This new age and new generations require a different approach to the acquisition of knowledge compared to the traditional one. This statement is the premise behind the founding of the private Medical-Pharmaceutical High School “St. Petka” in Smederevo.

Valuable knowledge from the domain of medicine and pharmacy is transferred more easily and effectively with the application of modern teaching techniques, taking into account the needs of every individual. These two principles are the basis of our work and they are our guidelines in every step we take when planning and working with our students.

The high level of knowledge acquired in a new and more interesting way, in an environment attractive to modern teenagers, is a formula which our students gladly accept.

We study at ease, and get the job done!

What makes us unique?

Education in the 21st century has its specificities. A new way of thinking, digital technologies and quick information transfer have pushed the traditional teaching techniques out of the mainstream. We believe that it is our duty to adapt to the needs of the coming generations and find at any cost the path towards making their education lack no quality, and making it interesting and achievable. We do this by implementing technology and modernising the curriculum, and we take particular care of the psychology of studying in the modern age.

Our innovative approach to working with students, to dynamic and interactive teaching, provides opportunities for every individual’s abilities to reach the surface. More at (The working method)

We also stimulate the development of team spirit and a close relationship between students and parents on one hand and the school on the other, which makes our common goal – a greater level of knowledge of our students – easier to attain!

Besides this, the students of the Medical-Pharmaceutical High School “St. Petka” have the opportunity to gain valuable practical experiences through the cooperation of our school with eminent medical and pharmaceutical institutions in Serbia and abroad.

More at (Cooperation with Other Institutions)

We prepare our students to be medical and pharmaceutical professionals for the age that is coming – the age of knowledge, speed, independent thinking and the spirit of victory!



Full-time and part-time students and retraining

The school has students who regularly attend classes, and part-time students who study on their own, consulting occasionally with the teachers. Part-time education in our school is regulated by the Law on Secondary-level Education. Our school also has a retraining programme for people with qualifications for other professions. Retraining follows certain steps which include passing exams in medical and pharmaceutical subjects. Preparation for these exams involves consultations with a mentor – the teacher of a specific subject, while the exams themselves take place in the presence of a three-member examination committee.


School curriculum

Medical-Pharmaceutical High School “St. Petka” trains students in two 4th education-level areas: medical nurse and pharmacy technician. The school follows the plan and programme determined by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.

Currently, we are preparing to set up a 3rd education-level profile – medical caregiver and 4th education-level profiles dental technician and physical therapy technician, and also two 5th education-level degree profiles: anaesthetic, reanimation and intensive care technician and surgical nurse.


The advantages of medical professions and future opportunities

Professions from the domain of medicine and pharmacy have always been valued and are some of which the human kind would have a difficult time without. We all need to feel safe and have confidence that we are in the care of well-educated and trained medical workers and pharmacists.

However, it seems that now more than ever, despite the incredible development of technology, it is necessary that professionals from these fields possess versatile skills, and are capable and determined individuals who can respond to the challenges of the modern age. It is this fact that makes us proud and motivates us to compound our participation in this important work – the education and training of medical and pharmaceutical professionals – with a high quality of our curriculum and teaching methods applied.

Medical and pharmaceutical professionals are on high demand both in Serbia and abroad. The skills they acquire in our school will provide them great advantages in the future and prepare them for various positions in these fields. The study of the English language and (optionally) German, enables these young people to, upon completing education in our school, feel as the citizens of the world, and plan their future accordingly.


Teaching staff

We believe that the key for a successful transfer of knowledge are the people who do exactly that, and that is why we take utmost care of the professionals whom we have entrusted with this job. Our teachers are highly qualified experts with both knowledge and experience, individuals with a natural and creative approach to teaching and who can think “outside the box”. We believe that the true authority is gained through a developed relationship with every student, where nobody is “just a number”, as well as a fair treatment of everyone, which among other includes clearly explained examination criteria, and consequently, clearly explained reasons for every given mark.


Working method

Our goal is that every student reach the prescribed goals, and therefore we take into account the individual needs and habits of every student. However, we consider examination criteria a significant education factor for such professions as medicine and pharmacy. The seriousness and the demand for a high level of knowledge of students are presented in a natural, familiar and relaxed manner, through interactive and dynamic teaching. In a friendly environment where everything is possible, the potential of our students is realised to the maximum. Our working method promotes in students the sense of responsibility, emotional attachment to the surroundings, and the sense of belonging, which improves their attitudes to the school and the studying in general.


The visions of capable and modern technicians in the domain of medicine and pharmacy cannot be achieved without worthwhile and innovative practical experiences, which is why our school has made cooperation agreements with eminent institutions both in Serbia and abroad.

The school cooperates with two institutions when it comes to regular practical teaching of students: “St. Luka” General Hospital in Smederevo, and ZU Smederevo Pharmacy.

Belgrade Consultation Centre

The school cooperates with the “Braća Stamenković” Education Centre and Selecta Educa.

College of Sport and Health

With this institution of higher education, which was established in 1977, our school has a business-technical cooperation agreement. This includes guest lectures by the College teachers, the access to its resources and the possibility of subsidised education of the students of our school should they choose to continue their studies at this institution.